CTRB mounting/De-mounting Machine

          1. What are the frequent failures in CTRB mounting machine?

               a) Leakage from cylinders due to failure of ‘O’ ring, bucket seals developed in the system.
                    b) Required pressure is not developed in the system.
                    c) Blockage of Hydraulic valve.
                    d) Damage of Hydraulic hose end nipples due to wear & tear.
                    e) Leakage in piping system

          2. How frequently hydraulic oil of power pack of CTRB mounting machine needs to be replaced?

               Once in six months or 1000hrs of working whichever is earlier or based on condition of oil.

          3. Why pressure drop in Hydraulic system occurs in CTRB mounting machine?

               a) Due to leakage in the system.
                    b) Wear & tear of pump elements or deterioration of pump elements.
                    c) Wear & tear of valve.

          4. How frequently paper filters of cone assembly jet cleaning machine needs to be replaced?

               Once in a year or based on condition.

          5. Despite motor is rotating at rated speed the pressure is not developing.

               Pressure drop is due to following reasons:
                    a) The pump may be damaged or defective.
                    b) Coupling between motor and pump may be damaged, misaligned or missing.
                    c) Oil leakages in the system.

          6. Why unusual sound is noticed while mounting & de-mounting of the bearing?

               Unusual sound may be coming due to following reasons:
                    a) Alignment between motor and pump is not proper.
                    b) Insufficient grease in the bearing of the motor.
                    c) Pump elements are in damaged condition.

          7. While dis-mounting the bearing, why journal is scored?

               Scoring on the journal is due to the following reasons:
                    a) Uneven distance between tie rods.
                    b) Improper clamping of the bearing during demounting.
                    c) CTRB failure leading difficulty in de-mounting.

          8. Why excessive heat is generated in the power pack?

               Reasons for excessive heat is generated in the system are:
                     a) Pressure setting in the pressure relief value is too high.
                     b) Improper air breather arrangement or Heavy leakages in the system.
                     c) High ambient temperature.

          9. Why piston is moving erratically in forward & reverse directions in mounting machine?

               Piston is moving erratically due to following reasons:-
                    a) Direction control valve is malfunctioning.
                    b) There are leakages in the system.
                    c) Bucket seal / U seal / piston seals is in damaged condition.
                    d) Flow control valve is set improperly.

          10. Why hydraulic oil is leaking from cylinder of mounting machine?

               Reasons for leakages from cylinder of mounting machine
                     a) Wear & tear of piston and piston seals.
                     b) Slackness of end nipples.

          11. How to adjust the pressure to certain value?

               By adjusting the pressure relief valve.


          12. Why de-greasing machine is not able to de-grease bearing completely?

               Reasons for incomplete degreasing is due to following reasons:-
                     a) The bearing is not soaked sufficiently to loosen the grease.
                     b) Speed of the motor is inadequate to develop sufficient centrifugal force.
                     c) Insufficient air flow to blow away the grease.

          13. Despite motor running at rated speed, why coupled drive shaft is rotating at low speed?

               Reasons for shaft rotating at low speed is due to following reasons:-
                     a) The coupling belt is slackened.
                     b) There is a misalignment between motor and drive shaft.
                     c) Due to slippage of pulley key, the force is not properly transmitted.

          14. Why motor is not starting even though supply voltage is available?

               Reasons for motor not starting are :-
                     a) Push button switches in DOL starter is defective.
                     b) Connections are loose in the circuit.
                     c) Motor bearings seized.
                     d) Winding defective.


          15. Why oil is flowing with low pressure through nozzles?

               This may be due to following reasons:-
                     a) Sediments in tank or clogging filter.
                     b) Leakages in the system.
                     c) Choked nozzles.

          16. Why the motor attached to machine is giving abnormal sound or noise?

               This may be due to following reasons:-
                     a) The bearings of the motor have failed.
                     b) Coupling between pump and motor is broken or misaligned.

          17. Why unusual /heavy noise is observed in the cone-assembly cleaning machine?

               This may be due to following reasons:-
                     a) The suction side strainers of the pump are clogged.
                     b) Low availability of kerosene in the reservoir.
                     c) Sediments in reservoir.
                     d) Defective bearings/insufficient lubrication in the bearing of the motor & shaft.
                     e) Misalignment in the drive shaft.

          18. Why the cone-assembly fixture attached to the shaft is not rotating at full speed even
                     though motor is rotating at full speed?

               This may be due to following reasons:-
                     a) Cone assembly fixture is slipping due to improper tightening of nuts.
                     b) Worn out shaft.
                     c) Misalignment of coupling between motor and shaft.
                     d) Slackness of belts.


          19. Why ovality measurement display is always showing Zero in Electronic probe gauging system?

               Check the formula settings in administrative mode of program and correct it
                    to respective probe setting and restart the system.

          20. While mastering In Electronic probe gauging system, why dialogue box displays a message
                    “Use proper master”?

               Open probe setting and set the probes using master rings to “ZERO GAUGE BLOCK”
                    and restart the system.

          21. In Electronic gauging system, why air pressure at pressure gauge is sufficient but
                    not obtaining the same at cone fixture?

               Flush out moisture in the Filter Regulator (FL) unit and clean the air nozzle at fixture.

          22. In Electronic gauging system, why probes(one or more) are not sensing ?

               Ensure probe connections are tight at probe box then do probe setting again with
                    master rings.


          23. Why Grease filling machine is not delivering the required quantity of 400 ± 30 Grams?

               Rotate the adjusting nut of auto-metering cylinder clock wise or anti clock wise. Each
                    rotation will result in increase/decrease by 4 grams depending up on the direction of

          24. Why unequal amount of grease is getting charged in the top and bottom greasing fixture?

               This may be due to following reasons:-
                    a) Holes in the clamping fixtures are clogged.
                    b) Leakages in system at different locations such as cylinder, hose pipes and around
                        the grease pump.
                    c) Improper clamping of the bearing.

          25. On pressing the cycle start push buttons, the machine is not charging immediately.

               a) The cycle start push button is not contacting.
                    b) Time is set at high value in timer.

          26. What are the causes of auto cycle mode of grease filling machine not working?

               The following are possible causes:-
                    a) Incorrect cycle mode.
                    b) Inoperative “Cycle Start” push button.
                    c) Limit switch is not engaged properly.
                    d) Delay timer is defective or set at higher value.
                    e) Solenoid operated DC valve is in-operative.
                    e) Grease pump is defective.

          27. What are the precautions to be taken to avoid the moisture coming and contact with grease
                    at grease drum and CTRB greasing point?

               This may be due to following reasons:-
                    a) Ensure the grease drum is always in closed condition.
                    b) Check & drain the Filter Regulator and Lubricator (FRL) regularly.
                    b) Ensure inlet air is free from moisture.

          28. While on run, why the grease pump has suddenly stopped discharging grease?

               The probable causes are listed below:-
                    a) Grease drum is empty.
                    b) Suction filter of grease pump is clogged.
                    c) Solenoid operated DC valve is in-operative.

          29. How to control the speed of the grease pump?

               The speed can be controlled by adjusting the pressure reducing valve assembly in the pump.

          30. What are the possible reasons for malfunctioning of solenoid valve?

               The probable causes are listed below:-
                    a) Loose connections in the circuit.
                    b) Solenoid coil is weakened.
                    c) Spool is jammed due to presence of solid particles or dry grease.


          31. In Laser Engraving Machine, why Laser beam intensity is low?

               Ensure the component is placed within the focal plane and adjust the focal length by trial
                    and error method.

          32. In Laser Engraving Machine, why Etching depth is low ?

               Decrease the speed of etching and increase the power percentage as per your requirement.

          33. Why Laser beam is not visible in the marking area?

               Ensure” SHOW CONTOUR” mode is ON and adjust the parameters to focus
                    on the component.


          34. Why hydraulic oil is leaking from cylinder of the machine?

               Reasons for leakages from cylinder of the machine are:-
                    a) Wear and tear of piston and piston seals.
                    b) Slackness of end cover and end nipples.

          35. Why there is no movement of the piston?

               Reasons may be due to:-
                    a) Defective Push buttons.
                    b) In-operative Direction Control (DC) valve.
                    c) Damaged Bucket / U seal / Piston seals.