1973Wagon repair workshop sanctioned
1976MAYFirst batch of 5 wagons POHed
1989SEPFirst to achieve Zero defect certification from NCO
1994AUGFirst to convert Flat Wagons into 3tier/4tier rail carriers
1996MAYFirst to develop facilities for High Capacity Draft Gears
2002JULFirst to implement RITES designed GIS
2007JULFirst BOXNEL rake flagged off
2007AUGAcquired ISO:14001 (2004) Certification
2009JULFirst to turn out BOXNR stainless steel rake
2011JULFirst to do retro fitment of twin pipes on BVZI
2012APRFirst to do retro fitment of twin pipes on BCNHL
2012JULIntroduced e-auction of scrap
2012NOVIntroduced Electronic Air gauging & automatic data logging for CTRB
2013JANRetro fitment of sliding doors on BCNHLs tried
2015MAYIntroduced staff information KIOSK
2016APRIntroduced Bar coding system in stores department
2016OCTIntroduced Laser engraving of POH details on Grease seals
2016OCTAcquired ISO:50001 Energy Management System
2016DECIMS Certification, 5S
2017APRAdjudged the best workshop in SCR for Year 2016-17.
2017APRDeclared as best workshop in IR for the year 2016-17.
2017APRISO 3834 - 2 Quality Requirements For Fusion Welding
2017JULCertified for GOLD Standard in Green-Co Rating by CII.