CTRB Greaseseal Press Machine

Preventive maintenance schedules of Hydraulic seal press- 10T:


     1. Tight all structural bolts with the specified tools.
     2. Observe for any noise during operation.
     3. Check the hydraulic oil level and top up if required with viscosity grade – 68 oil. Capacity- 35 litres.
     4. Set the working pressure at 150 kg/ cm2.
     5. Check the cylinder assembly for any leakages. If any leakage is found, replace it by
        following the replacement of seal procedure.      6. Ensure proper cleaning of electrical equipment with electric blower.
     7. Check the insulation of wiring for burns replace it if any.
     8. Ensure proper earth connections.


     1. Check the functioning of the hydraulic valves.
     2. Check the condition of the hydraulic hoses for any damages, replace if necessary with standard hose pipes.
     3. Check for proper rating of fuses/circuit breakers and working of over load protection relay in the DOL starter.
     4. Check for proper working of control switches.
     5. Monthly schedules as above


     1. Clean the suction filter and change if required.
     2. Replace the hydraulic oil in the tank with viscosity grade - 68 oil.
     3. Overhaul the pump
     4. Check the condition of coupling and it’s mating parts.
     5. Ensure proper cleaning of contactor kits with emery paper and replace if necessary.
     6. Ensure proper cleaning of motor duly isolated from the machine.
     7. Ensure smooth working of motor, if any unusual noise, repair the motor.
     8. Measure and record voltage and current with load.
     9. Monthly and Quarterly schedules as above