Procedure for Double Ended Greaase Filling Machine

Auto Cycle of greasing machine:

     As you press cycle start push button, cycle will complete as per Below
          1. First of all clamping cylinder will clamp the bearing assembly and press limit switch to closed position.
          2. As limit switch closed, clamping delay timer will start its cycle
          3. As set delay time completed greasing cylinder will start cycle in same direction and filled set quantity of
             grease in both cones
          4. As greasing cylinder complete its stroke, it will press limit switch fitted opposite to cylinder and will
             stop automatically.
          5. As limit switch closed, greasing delay timer will start its cycle.
          6. As delay time completed clamping cylinder will de-clamp the bearing assemble.
     This is the complete auto cycle.
     (Please note that for auto cycle limit switch should be on closed position, otherwise auto cycle will not be start.)

Manual Function:

     1. Select the position of selector switch to Manual position.
     2. Put The Bearing Assembly on handling fixture and ensure middle spacer of bearings should be in centre.
     3. Place the Bearing assembly on greasing fixture at Table of Machine properly ensure it should be at right.
     4. Select the position of selector switch to clamping closed.
     5. Now press the greasing left and greasing right push button for greasing continuously till greasing completed.
     6. Ensure that both the greasing cylinder should be move completely in one direction and wait till the greasing
        pump stops.