CTRB Greaseseal Press Machine

     Repair Procedure for Replacement of Motor

       1. Turn off the Power Supply.
       2. Remove the incoming supply connections from motor.
       3. Test the motor with “drop test “and record the values in Amps obtained in each phase i.e R,Y,B. If the
          obtained values in each phase have huge difference, then the motor winding is defective.
       4. Then test the motor with “insulation merger instrument” for measuring IR values of Phase to body of stator
          and record the values. If the obtained value between phases to body is low then winding of the
          motor is defective.
       5. Once the motor winding is found defective then remove the bed bolts of the motor and then
          send the motor for re-winding.
       6. After completion of re-winding then again test the motor with drop test and insulation megger instrument
          and record the values. And also take the no load current values and RPM of the motor in ideal run.
       7. After checking the values obtained, if the values recorded are good / within limits then the motor is ready
          for assembly.
       8. Once check the circuit and over load relay before fitting the motor to the machine. OLR should be tested
          on “Relay testing kit”. If it is found defective, replace it with similar current range.
       9. Motor should be assembled at same pre-position and then tightened the motor bed bolts with proper tools.
      10. Once the motor is assembled then gives Power supply connections properly as earlier provided.
      11. Now check the motor rotation, if the rotation found ok, it can be operated otherwise interchange the
          terminals for proper rotation of the motor.
      12. Once the motor is assembled then take the motor full load current and record them.
      13. Now the machine has ready for operation.

     Repair procedure for replacement of DOL Starter

          1. Turn off the Power Supply.
          2. Remove the incoming & outgoing connections from starter to provide insulation tape to removed terminals.
          3. Checks the over load relay working condition on relay testing kit. If not replace the over load relay.
          4. Check the No Volt Coil working. If not replace the No volt Coil.
          5. Check the contact kits condition. If the contact gets rusted/ dusted clean the kits with emery paper and
             with CRC liquid. If not replace the kits with new ones.
          6. If the incoming / outgoing terminal stud at over load relay and contactor gets burnt or
             jammed then replace the DOL starter with new starter.
          7. Bring the new starter and provide connections as earlier provided at incoming and outgoing terminals,
             contactor and over load relay.
          8. Hence, starter has installed.