Repair procedure for replacement of seals

     1. Switch off the machine.
     2. Disconnect the hydraulic hoses from the power pack.
     3. Remove the tie rod lock nut and end plate of the cylinder.
     4. Remove the cylinder from the main frame and hold the cylinder safely.
     5. Remove the front cover using proper tools by holding the cylinder rigidly with pipe wise.
     6. Remove the check nut with the help of C – clamp.

     Detection of leakage location:

          a) If oil is leaking through or around the piston then there is chance of failure of chevron
          b) If oil is leaking through collar or check nut then there is a chance of damage of O- ring
             on the Check nut.
          c) If pressure is not developed despite PU seals found OK, then check the O- ring on the piston head.

     7. Check the condition of the Chevron packing (75mm x 95mm) and 'O'-ring (130mm x 5mm) of the check nut.
         If damaged, replace with a new one.
     8. Gently remove the piston by holding the cylinder rigidly with pipe vice.
     9. Drain the oil from the cylinder.
    10. Clean the piston with soft cloth and never use cotton waste.
    11. Replace the PU seals if found damaged.
    12. Insert the piston in the cylinder gently.
    13. Lock the check nut and tighten properly by using C-clamp without damaging the chevron packing and
        'O' ring of the check nut.
    14. Lock the cylinder by using end plate and tie rods.
    15. Connect the hydraulic hoses.
    16. Check the leakages from the cylinder by applying load.