Overhauling procedure of the hydraulic Power pack:

     Hydraulic Power pack consists of the following items:

          1. 5 HP Motor.
          2. Solenoid operated Direction Control (DC) valve.
          3. Manifold block.
          4. Pressure relief valve.
          5. Hydraulic pump.
          6. Pressure gauge.

     Overhauling procedure:

          1. Switch off the machine.
          2. Disconnect the power connections.
          3. Disconnect the hydraulic hoses and pressure gauge from the power pack.
          4. Drain the oil in the power pack by removing drain plug.
          5. Dismantle the motor from power pack.
          6. Remove the coupling and check the condition if damaged, then replace.
          7. Remove the cover with suitable tool (Allen key/ spanner) and keep it in a clean tray.
          8. Disconnect the inlet and outlet steel pipes of the pump and check for any cracks or damages.
          9. Dismantle the pump and check the wear & tear of the Piston elements (5Nos. each located
             in two rows ie. A and F), washer, spring, steel ball, O- ring , bearing and replace if required.
         10. Clean the breather.
         11. Clean the power pack thoroughly with kerosene oil and soft cloth.
         12. Connect the inlet and outlet steel hoses.
         13. Assembled the pump and cover to the power pack.
         14. Fill the recommended viscosity grade oil in the power pack.
         15. Mount the motor on to the power pack and lock the screws.
         16. Connect the hydraulic hoses and pressure gauge.
         17. Switch on the machine and check the pressure developed in the system by applying the load.