Trouble Shooting of De-Greasing Plant

SNSYMPTOMSProbable Cause of FailureRemedial Action
01Low air pressure at outlet1. Low air pressure
2. incomplete opening of ball valve
3. Air leakages in the system
1. Ensure inlet air pressure at 5 Kg/cm2
2. Open the ball valve completely and replace if required
3. Arrest the air leakages in the system
02Unusual sound in the system1. Failure of bearings on the shaft
2. Improper alignment of coupling
3. Failure of bearings of the motor
4. Fasteners may got loosen
1. Lubricate the bearing and replace it
2. Align the coupling between motor and shaft properly
3. Replace the bearings of the motor
4. Tight the loosen fasteners
03cone assembly not rotating in rated speed1. Motor may not rotating in rated speed
2. Coupling alignment is not in proper way.
3. Belt tension may be reduced.
4. Key way of the coupling may be damaged
1. Check the rated speed of the Motor
2. Align the coupling between motor and shaft properly.
3. Adjust the Belt tension
4. Replace the Key way of the coupling
04cone assembly not cleaned completely1. Dry grease stick to cone assembly
2. Motor may Rotating at low speed (Low RPM)
3. Air pressure may be less
1. Clean the dry grease manually
2. Ensure the speed of the motor
3. Air pressure should be 5 kg/cm2
05Slipping of cone assembly from shaft1. Allen screw threads may be worn out
2. Internal threading of the shaft may be worn out
3. Improper locking of cone assembly
1. Replace the worn out screws
2. Provided new threading to the shaft
3. Lock the Cone assembly tightly