CTRB Greaseseal Press Machine

Trouble shooting of Grease Seal Machine


SNOperational FailureCause of FailureRemedial Action
01Excessive pump noise1. Low oil in the reservoir(Tank)1. Maintain the oil in between minimum and maximum levels.
2. Restricted (clogged) filter2. Ensure the filter free from foreign particles and clean the filter if required.
3. Air locking in the hydraulic system3. Remove air from hydraulic system.
4. Coupling misalignment.4. Align the coupling properly and replace if required
5. Wrong type of oil.5. Use the suitable viscosity grade oil-68.
6. Pistons (A & F) elements may be hanged.6. Align the piston elements properly and Replace the damaged piston elements
7. Running in wrong direction.7. Ensure the direction of the motor and reverse the direction if required.
8. Restricted flow through suction line.8. Clean the suction line. Check the suction pipe line and fittings to make sure full size is used.
02Excessive heat generated in Power pack1. Pressure set to high value.1. Set required pressure for operation (50 ± 5 ton).
2. Excessive system leakage through cylinders, valves and hydraulic hoses. 2. Check the leakages in cylinders, valves and hydraulic hoses. Replace the damaged seals and O Rings if required.
3. High ambient temperature.3. Relocate the power pack
4. Malfunctioning of solenoid valve.4. Check the working of solenoid valve
03Bearing failure1. Coupling misalignment1. Align the coupling between pump and motor shafts properly and replace if required.
2. Electric motor end play.2. Eliminate all electric motor play.
3. Pump running too fast.3. Ensure the speed the of the motor to 1440 RPM (at rated speed).
4. Foreign material in bearing.4. Clean the bearing and lubricate it.
04Pump not delivering pressure1. Air locking in the hydraulic system1. Remove air from hydraulic system.
2. Insufficient supply of oil in pump.2. Maintain sufficient oil in the power pack
3. Key way sheared at coupling.3. Check the condition of the Key and replace if required.
4. filter may be clogged4. Clean and replace the filter.
5. Relief valve set too low or not functioning.5. Set the relief valve at required position.
6. oil leakage through valves/ cylinder6. Arrest the oil leakage in cylinder and valves.
05Erratic action of cylinder/ piston.1. Malfunctioning of DC valves.1. Check the function of DC valves.
2. Cylinder sticking/ Binding.2. Check for dirty/ gummy deposits or air leaks.
3. Flow was set at low valve.3. Set the pressure required and replace if required.
4. Internal leakages in the cylinder.4. Arrest internal leakages in the cylinder. Check oil viscosity.
5. Air locking in the hydraulic system5. Remove air from hydraulic system.
06Oil leakage from main ram cylinder1. seals , o rings and chevron packing may damaged
2. end cover bolts may sheared
3. piston may wear and tear
4. overload may applied
1. Ensure the location of the leakage and replace the damaged seals , o rings and chevron packing replace or tighten the cover bolts
2. replace the piston
3. Check the load on cylinder and release it.
4. Release the load on the cylinder.


SNOperational FailureCause of FailureRemedial Action
01If machine does not switch on1. No main supply
2. Defective fuses/ MCB
3. Faulty cable
4. Loose connections
5. Defective ON/OFF buttons in DOL starter
6. Overload relay problem
7. Contact kits of starter get damaged
8. Motor does not rotating
1. Check supply
2. Check and replace
3. Replace
4. Tight connections
5. Replace switch
6. If tripped reset and if found defective replace it with proper current setting
7. Surface of the contact kits cleaned with emery paper and if found defective replace it
8. Check the terminals of the motor. If pump got struck then report it to MMW. Check the motor condition otherwise replace it.
02If machine gets ON, but cylinder backward/ forward movement problem1. Solenoid valves a) Check supply at solenoid valve caps
b) Check solenoid coil. If found defective replace it.
2. Pendent a) Check proper working of push buttons.
b) Check the terminals at push buttons (pendent). Tightened properly.
c) If cable found defective replace it.
03If sufficient pressure is not building up1. Motor RPM a) Check the motor RPM. If not check the winding of motor
b) Check the bearing of the motor.
c) Check the supply voltage.
d) Check pump condition otherwise report to MMW.
2. Solenoid valve a) Check the proper working of solenoid valve.