CTRB Mounting and De-Mounting Equipment


     1. Read the operation manual thoroughly. Understand the finer points of this Equipment.
     2. Keep the equipment meticulously clean.
     3. Use only the recommended grade of clean oil.
     4. The oil should always be maintained at the marked level. If the oil level is less,
        then it may damage the pump.
     5. Use only those accessories which are mechanically in sound Condition. Damaged or worn out accessories
        cause heavy consumption of oil and sealing components. Get the worn out parts repaired/replaced.
        Use of damaged accessories/spares will affect the service life of the equipment.
     6. Protect electric cable from damages.
     7. Loose electric connections and cable joints should be avoided.
     8. Before switching on the equipment, check the power supply.


     1. Do not use contaminated or dirty oil. Do not mix different Grades/Brands of oil.
     2. Do not ever use cotton waste to clean the oil tank or any of the Hydraulic Components.
     3. Do not start the power - pack under load conditions.
     4. Do not change the factory calibrated pressure settings without consulting the manufacturer.
     5. Do not attempt to weld and repair damaged or worn out parts/accessories.
     6. Do not start the power - pack if the oil level is low. It will damage the pump.
     7. Do not run the power - pack if not required, even in the unloaded condition. It will save energy.
     8. Do not make loose electrical connections. It may lead to single phasing and the electric motor windings
        may get damaged.
     9. Do not allow the power cable to lie on the track of the rolling stock. It might get cut and cause
        short circuit/accident.