Laser Marking Machine Do's and Dont's


     1. Ensure that the device is properly grounded.
     2. Ensure that the pulse repetition rate is higher than 20 kHz.
     3. Ensure that the maximum absence of the pulse is 50 x 10-6 seconds.
     4. Ensure that power supply is continuous and un interrupted as for smooth working of the laser.
     5. Fibre cable connecting to output head must be free from bends/twists. Use Lens cleaning
        tissue only for cleaning the output lens.
     6. Appropriate laser safety eyewear should be worn when operating the device.


     1. In case machine is dysfunctional, the same should not be open by an untrained personnel and
        must be preferably repaired by OEM.
     2. The product must used as specified by OEM. Deviation from specified procedure can lead to
        damage to operator and machine also.
     3. While the machine is in working condition do not disturb or tinker it’s parts.
     4. Avoid eye contact directly with the output head of the device.