Preventive Maintenance Schedules of Double Ended Greaase Filling Machine


     1. Check the pneumatic supply .Drain the Filter Regulator and Lubricator (FRL) unit and release the
        moisture by pushing the button provided at the bottom of the FRL unit.
     2. Set the pressure at 4.5 to 8.5 kg/ cm2 in FRL unit
     3. Check the Lubrication oil level in FRL unit and top up if required.
     4. Before mounting of the pump, ensure the follower plate is properly seated inside the grease drum.
     5. Check the inlet air pressure of pneumatic grease pump (4.5 to 8.5 kg/cm2).
     6. Clean the holes and grooves of the greasing fixture thoroughly.
     7. Check and Ensure that electrical connections are in tighten condition.
     8. Ensure proper cleaning of electrical equipment with electric blower.
     9. Check the condition of insulation of wiring if damage replace it.
    10. Ensure that an earth connection is not in open condition.


     1. Check working of pneumatic control valve.
     2. Ensure correct functionality of limit switch in relation to the position of the stopper attached to the
        top greasing fixtures. Adjust the position of the stopper if required.
     3. Check the specified quantity (400 ± 30) of grease filling. If not, adjust the stroke of auto metering
        cylinder, with the help of adjusting nut*.
     4. Check the air leakages in these locations: - Pneumatic cylinder, Pneumatic pipeline,
       Flow control valves, Pneumatic valve, T- Joints & connecting points.
     5. Check the grease leakages in these locations:- Grease cylinders, Grease hoses & around the grease pump.
     6. Check the condition of contactors tips, Timers and relays.
     7. Check the functioning of the limit switches.
     8. Check the condition of Solenoid valves and its connections.


     1. Check the working condition of the solenoid operated DC valves
     2. Check the operation of grease cylinder and pneumatic cylinder
     3. Check the operation of the FRL unit
     4. Check the operation of the Pneumatic Grease Pump
     5. Use only rated MCB, replaced if completes its codal life.
     6. Check the earth pit condition, measure the earth resistance periodically.


     * Rotating the adjusting nut one round in anti- clockwise direction will increase the quantity of
        grease by approximately 4 grams. Similarly, rotating the adjusting nut one round in clockwise
        direction will decrease the quantity of grease by approximately 4 grams.